There is no doubt that our feet perform different roles besides bearing our body weight. The feet allow locomotion, endure the impact of the morning run and keep up with restrictive and uncomfortable shoes. It is quite unfortunate that after performing such vital tasks, they are often neglected. In fact, the feet receive the least care, unlike other body parts. They deserve to be pampered always, hence a healing foot massage is a necessity.

A consistent foot massage with reflexology comes with several health benefits. 

Fights depression
Depression is characterized by low mood, culminating in instances of disregarding vital tasks. For instance, eating, working and exercising. This is because the morale needed to perform such functions is not anywhere near your mind. But a foot massage can save you from this displeasure. Within a short period of time, you will be up doing your house chores or heading to the office. It is evident that foot massage is able to alleviate depression. Particular points on your feet are key to lessening any depression-related symptoms. Massaging these places can assist relieve depression symptoms. 

Decreases Anxiety
Anxiety is one of the most common ailments across the globe. Usually, it is a feeling of nervousness and worries about something with an unknown outcome. It can also be described as a strong concern to perform something. Anxiety is bound to terminate into stress and depression thus the need to curb it whenever you are a victim. Here is where a foot massage plays a key role towards getting rid of anxiety. A foot massage is able to minimize anxiety by 50% which is higher than other control mechanisms.

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